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Welcome to Uncle Bill's Qigong Club!

Uncle Bill's Qigong Club studies the JinJing Gong style of Qigong as taught to Bill by Wang Qingyu, of Sichuan China. We occasionally do weekend workshops, and almost always meet Sunday evenings six o'clock at Uncle Bill's house in Aurora, Oregon. Forms practice starts at six thirty, and ends at eight. Then we cook a meal and have questions and answers or a lecture from eight thirty to nine thirty. If you are interested in visiting or being notified when we have a workshop, please fill out a contact form and tell us a little about yourself.

Workshops we have done in the past include:

  • The Twelve Officials of the Neijing Suwen

  • The Eighteen Movements of the Qinjing Gong Iron Shirt

  • Chart reading in the Hellenistic Astrological tradition

  • Astrological talisman creation using the Picatrix and traditional astrology

  • Basic Qigong theory: Yin/Yang, Five Phases, Six Confirmations, Eight Extra Meridians, Twelve Officials' Meridians, Three Hundred Sixty One Acupuncture Points and practical applications.

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